xBaseView Software Updates and News

xBaseView News and Software Updates

This section lists new features and bug fixes available in newer versions of xBaseView.

v.11.0 (January, 2013)
Added: Cache DBMS Connection
Added: Import/Export from Cache
Added: New modal window for editing of current record
Added: New menu "Edit Mode" for this window

v.10.0 (March 24, 2012)
Added: PostgreSQL DBMS Connection
Added: Export to PostgreSQL
Added: Import from PostgreSQL
Added: Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Access 2010
Added: New .ACCDB extension for Microsoft Access
Added: Microsoft Excel 2007 & Microsoft Excel 2010
Added: New .XLSX extension for Microsoft Excel
Added: Ctrl+UpArrow, Ctrl+DownArrow hotkeys - change SQL-panel height
Added: Ctrl+RightArrow, Ctrl+LeftArrow hotkeys - change tree width
Improved: Connections with Interbase and Firebird
Improved: Parallel work with Interbase and Firebird
Improved: The program works like Windows Explorer plugin
Changed: Fixed some minor bugs

v.9.0 (August 1, 2011)
Added: The Bulgarian language by Georgy Krushkov
Added: work as "plug-in" under Windows Explorer
Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS Firebird
Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS Interbase
Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS MS SQL Server
Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS SQLAnywhere
Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS Oracle XE
Added: Stored procedures supports for DBMS MS Access
Added: Unicode supports for all unicode's databases.
Added: Automatically registering MDF file to MS SQL Server
Added: Shift+Ctrl+W keys for closing the current connection
Added: Shift+Delete for deleting record without confirmation
Added: Shift+Ctrl+C keys for copy current record to clipboad
Added: SqliteANSI parameter (0-Unicode, 1-ANSI)
Improved: The windows of the program now flicker less
Fixed: The connection wizard would work only with one local MS-SQL
Fixed: An error accessing BDE Paradox tables in the exclusive mode
Fixed: An error maximizing the window in the TC plug-in mode
Changed: Fixed some minor bugs

v.8.5 (June 1, 2011)
Added: DBMS SQLAnywhere
Added: DBMS Oracle XE
Added: DBMS Interbase XE
Added: Interbase XE and Firebird 2.5 can work in parallel
Added: Converting DBF-file from OEM DOS to ANSI Windows
Added: Simple XML file can be converted in TAB-file and open like a TAB-file
Added: Shift+Enter hotkey - Reverse passing the cells of database grid
Added: ESC hotkey - Stop a long running process
Added: Backspace hotkey - Clear the BLOB field
Added: Copy/Paste content of the BLOB field
Added: Import/Export the BLOB field, except SQLite, CSV, TAB and Simple XML
Added: Import/Export in Simple XML.
Added: Export in CDS - Borland Client Dataset.
Added: FontCharset parameter
Added: CurrencyFormat parameter; default value #,###,###,##0.00
Added: TextCharSet parameter for CSV/TAB/HTM; TextCharSet=Unicode (ANSI, OEM)
Added: [xBaseViewExt] section, which needs to set additional extensions, eg:
Added: "Create Connection Wizard" for LAN databases
Added: Access to all BDE aliases via the menu
Added: Access to all ODBC data sources via the menu
Added: Quickly opening huge database tables
Added: New .SDB extension for SQLite databases
Added: Smart drag-and-drop of field names from the tree to the memo
Added: Smart drag-and-drop of date-time fields from the grid to the memo
Added: Selecting multiple tree nodes using the Shift or Ctrl keys
Added: Generating the "Create Table" SQL statement for the current dataset
Added: Sorting in the descending order for ADO tables (Access, SQLServer...)
Added: Sorting marker on the title of the database grid
Added: Only one copy of xBaseView can be run at a time
Added: Working as a Total Commander plug-in via F3 key.

Changed: Fixed some minor bugs

v.7.2.0661 (March 22, 2006)
Added: Drag-and-drop a database file to xBaseView window
Added: Drag-and-drop from grid to SQL-panel instead of DblClick
Added: Folder history is descending sorted by the counter column
Added: Context menu: tree and SQL-panel visibility
Added: Context menu: copy and paste commands
Added: Grid context menu, including column sort
Added: Support mouse wheel for grid scrolling
Added: Shift+Click - set the standard width of tree
Added: Right click on New button: copy current record
Changed: Right click on Find button: step-by-step search
Changed: Right click on Filter button: columns visibility
Changed: Flat user interface option instead of Without XP style
Changed: Export to .TXT instead of to .DOC
Changed: ODBC-drivers pathes is searched in the system registry
Changed: File types (extensions) registration is changed
Changed: Fixed some minor bugs

v.7.1.0621 (February 14, 2006)
Fixed: BDE detection error
Changed: registration schema and checking of the key

v.7.0.0595 (February 01, 2006)
First shareware release


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