xBaseView options

Features list:

• Accesses universal file extensions: bde, dsn, udl.
• Accesses file extensions: cds, csv, db, dbc, dbf, fdb, gdb, ib, html, htm, mdb, accdb, mdf, myd, sdb, tab, xls, xlsx, xml.
• Accesses all ODBC data sources.
• Accesses all Borland Database Engine aliases for databases.
• Supports databases stored in local area networks.
• Quickly opens a part of a huge database tables.
• Connection Wizard for Firebird, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite.
• Access to Oracle.
• Access to Sybase SQL Anywhere.
• Access to PostgreSQL.
• Access to Cache.
• Automatically attaches MDF files to MSSQL Server.
• Exports to universal database formats: bde, dsn, udl.
• Exports to formats: ado xml, cds xml, simple xml, csv, db, dbc, dbf, fdb, gdb, htm, mdb, accdb, mdf, myd, sdb, tab, txt, xls, xlsx.
• Imports from universal database formats: bde, dsn, udl.
• Imports from formats: ado xml, cds xml, simple xml, cds, csv, db, dbc, dbf, fdb, gdb, htm, mdb, accdb, mdf, myd, sdb, tab.
• Creates file types: db, dbc, dbf, dsn, fdb, gdb, mdb, accdb, mdf, myd, sdb, udl.
• Searches records by 3 ways: sequential, index and step-by-step.
• Filters records with 2 methods: SQL-like and index.
• Executes SQL queries and other SQL statements.
• Generates the "Create Table" SQL statements for different databases.
• Generates the "Create Table" SQL statement for the current table.
• Creates and modification of structures for DBF / DB files.
• Creates and modifies indexes for DBF / DB files.
• Reindexes, packs or zaps DBF / DB files.
• Sets character code for DBF / DB files.
• Supports character translation in DBF files.
• The xBase DBF Engine correctly uses all types of index and memo files for DBF; supports VFP 8 and VFP 9.
• Works as a stand-alone application.
• Works as a Windows Explorer plug-in.
• Works as a Total Commander Lister plug-in.

The file extensions and database types for xBaseView

# File extension Database type
1..BDEBorland DB Engine Aliases
2..CDSBorland Client Data Set
3..CSVCSV Text
6..DB, .SDBSQLite
7..DBCVisual FoxPro
11..DSNODBC Data Source Name
13..GDB, .IBInterbase (XE)
15..MDB, .ACCDBAccess
16..MDFMicrosoft SQL Server
18..TABTAB Text
19..UDLADO Universal Data Link
20..UDLOracle (XE)
21..XLS, .XLSXMicrosoft Excel
22..XMLBorland Data Packet XML
23..XMLMicrosoft ADO XML
24..XMLOther XML table

Freeware database drivers for xBaseView

1.MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components)
2.Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro
3.BDE (Borland Database Engine)
4.IBPhoenix Open Source Interbase/Firebird ODBC Driver
5.MySQL ODBC Driver
6.SQLite ODBC Driver
7.MS Access Database Engine 2010

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