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xBaseView Features

View, Print, Search, Query, Import and Export Databases

xBaseView comes in two versions, as a multifunctional stand-alone application, and as a Total Commander plug-in with the interface resembling Windows Explorer. xBaseView supports all typical database operations, including database viewing, printing, searching, querying, import and export, including conversion to a different database format.

xBasView supports all popular database formats.

File extensions and Database types

.BDE Borland DB Engine Aliases
.CDS Borland Client Data Set
.DB Paradox
.DBC Visual FoxPro
.DBF Clipper
.DBF dBase
.DBF FoxPro
.DSN ODBC Data Source Name
.FDB Firebird
.GDB Interbase
.MDB Access
.MDF MS SQL Server
.UDL ADO Universal Data Link
.XLS Excel
.XML Borland Data Packet XML
.XML Microsoft ADO XML

Main Features

  • Accesses 3 universal file extensions: bde, dsn, udl.
  • Accesses 15 additional file extensions: cds, csv, db, dbc, dbf, fdb, gdb, htm, html, mdb, mdf, myd, tab, xls, xml.
  • Accesses all ODBC data sources of workstation.
  • Accesses all Borland Database Engine aliases of workstation.
  • Exports to 2 universal database formats: dsn, udl.
  • Exports to 16 formats: adoxml, cdsxml, csv, db, dbc, dbf, fdb, gdb, htm, mdb, mdf, myd, simplexml, tab, txt, xls.
  • Imports from 2 universal database formats: dsn, udl.
  • Imports from 14 formats: adoxml, cds, cdsxml, csv, db, dbc, dbf, fdb, gdb, htm, mdb, mdf, myd, tab.
  • Creates 10 file types: db, dbc, dbf, dsn, fdb, gdb, mdb, mdf, myd, udl.
  • Searches records by 3 ways: sequential, index and step-by-step.
  • Filters records with two methods: SQL-like and index.
  • Executes SQL queries and other SQL statements.
  • Generates the "Create Table" SQL statements for different databases.
  • Creates and modification of structures for DBF / DB files.
  • Creates and modifies indexes for DBF / DB files.
  • Reindexes, packs or zaps DBF / DB files.
  • Sets character code for DBF / DB files.
  • Supports character translation in DBF files.
  • The xBase DBF Engine automatically opens and correctly uses all types of index (CDX, IDX, MDX, NDX, NTX) and memo (FPT, DBT) files for DBF; recognizes DBF's code pages and national characters; supports different collates, including General Collate, for VFP and FoxPro; supports auto incremental fields for VFP 8 and new DBF-formats for VFP 9.


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