XBaseView Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

  • Does XBaseView require ODBC or similar driver in order to access a database, or does it access DB files directly?

    XBaseView accesses databases via installed DB drivers, such as ODBC, ADO etc. It does not bypass the drivers or directly reads database files.
  • Can xBaseView work with databases without additional database drivers such as OLE DB or ODBC?

    Only certain databases are supported without the drivers. xBaseView can directly manipulate with Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, dBase, and Clipper databases. In addition, drivers for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and certain text databases, such as CSV, TAB, HTML, and XML are included with Microsoft Windows 2000 and higher operating systems; hence no additional driver installation is required.
  • Do I need to configure any settings in OLE DB providers or ODBC drivers in order to access my database with xBaseView?

    No, xBaseView does not require manual configuration, and accesses databases automatically.
  • Why do I receive a request to change DB file associations to xBaseView if I click "Tools – File Types"? How do I remove this association if I change my mind later?

    If you associate file extensions with xBaseView, you will be able to open them from Windows Explorer with double-click. You can remove these associations at any time by selecting the "Tools – File Types" menu item once again.
  • Do you have plans on adding a SQL query builder?

    No. For now, please use one of the following features:
    1. Generate an empty SQL Select template with a context menu of SQL Panel.
    2. Drag and drop table field names from the tree into the list of names of Select query fields.
    3. Drag and drop date/time and string values from the DB grid into the "while" part of a Select query.
    These names and values will be converted automatically to the syntax that is correct for the current database.
  • Do you have plans on adding a stored procedures?

    Done in new version!

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