XBaseView Articles | Miscellaneous

xBaseView articles | Miscellaneous


  • Shift+Ctrl+W will close all: dataset and db connection.
  • Shift+Ctrl+С will copy the current row on the clipboard.
  • Double click on the title of some dialogues will increase its height.
  • If ini-file has ShowBlobAsBMP=1 parameter, the program will try to open BLOB field like Bitmap. If success, it will be shows as an image in SQL panel.
  • If ini-file has SqliteANSI=1 parameter, text fields of SQLite will be read in ANSI, otherwise – in Unicode.
  • If you need to work with Firebird 2.5 and Interbase XE, you need to install Firebird first, and Interbase then. After it copy Fbclient.dll file in Gds32.dll (make copy and rename original file), but first make a backup copy of the original file (Gds32.dll). Apparently, it is often to get block when you work with two servers together.
  • Interbase 9 support Unicode only for Charset=UNICODE_FSS.
  • WideString field with national symbols for CDS and CDS-XML files may incorrectly filtered.
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