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xBaseView articles | Filter


Let’s look at the table “Employee” of Demo.mdb database. We would like to print a list of employees with a salary of 40 000 to 50 000, condition is: 40 000 <= Salary <= 50 000.

Open file Demo.mdb by double-clicking and open the table "Employee" in opened sub-tree. Let’s find the column Salary by clicking on the first cell of the grid and pressing the «Enter» key ten times.

XBaseView demo database

Press “Filter” button and see next window:

XBaseView filter data by value

Replace the equal sign “=” in condition for greater or equal “>=”, by select it from drop-down list. Drop-down list will appear after two consecutive clicks on the cell. Save this edit, by pressing “Save” button

Let’s make the copy of the current row by pressing right mouse button on «New» button. Go to the copied-row and edit condition, replace the greater or equal “>=” sign for less or equal “<=” sign. And replace the value (40000) on 50000. Press “Save” button and “OK”.

XBaseView filter data by value

Filter result:

XBaseView filter result

As a result we see only those employers, the salary which from 40 000 to 50 000. There are only 5 people in this table. We can see it in status bar (red arrow on picture).

To print this table we need to choose menu “Export/Txt-File” or “Export/Xls-File”. To remove filter just click “Filter” once more.

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